WALKTHROUGH Leon's " From Coastline to Atmosphere "

Map 10;
(filename; leonHL2-2i.bsp)

The level starts in a black room, at you right side you find 2 holes in the wall, and you can jump/crouch through the right hole outside. Again this is all so easy that I won't have to explain anything. After a while and several strange events you will find yourself awakening in the room where you did get that hallucinate gas thrown all over you. You're still alive and you hear now G-man talking to you for the first time, (smell the ashes??) The floor will open under you and you will fall down in to the D.B.D.M (Death Body Disposal Machine). You where so lucky to not get killed by the gas, normally this would happen and your death body would be disposed by this machine. But you can jump of it just in front of the blue lasers that should kill you should you still be a bit alive. At your left side you see a small stairs, walk on it in front of the glass door. It seems Barney was not so lucky, he did get killed and you can now see what happens after you would be killed to. Just follow Barney body at the other side of the glass wall, and the second glass door in front of you will open to. Wait until the D.B.D.M. has taken Barney’s body away in a coffin and go though the door that opened behind you. This will lead you to a new room with another part of this machine.

After the coven has placed at the other side of the room you have to press on the console in the centre of the room. This will activate the last part of the machine that turns Barney’s body in to an early stage of a combine. At the same time some kind of door has opened behind you what gives excess to a small vent above the floor. Go through it and follow your path further in to the satellite. Finally you will come back to where you first saw Barney, but now at the other side of the glass wall.

Go through the small hole in the wall and jump down, this will bring you to a lower level. You get now to the living quarters of the combines, be very aware of them because they will run around like crazy to find you. After a while you will jump down again through a small hole and come in to a new room with an oval door in front of you. Now a difficult part starts what will give many people problems to get through. Still, like always, when you know how to get through it is very easy. When you go through that oval door you will see a text like; "Stop!! Someone’s coming, go back!"
Go immediately back towards the oval door and let it close in front of you again. 2 combines will come running from a door in front of you and look in your direction. They can't see you through the glass and will go on through another door. Follow them through that door, again combines will run around you, when you don't walk fast enough there they won't see you. At some point you will see a combine patrolling in front of you; a text explains that he will come back soon. Wait until he has disappeared around the corner, now starts the tricky part. Follow his path, but crouch, stick as close as possible to the left wall, so the combines can't see you through the windows at the left side.

At the end you see a lock on a door at your right side, with a text on screen that explains that you have to look for a crowbar to open this door of the ammo chamber. Crouch on around the corner, and keep crouching on so the combine still can't see you through the windows. After the second corner you can go to your left. Hide quick behind this installation, showed on this screen;

Stay there until you don't see or hear any combines any more, because there will come several combines running around you and along the hallway next to you. When it's finally quiet again go on, don't go through the door where they came from but go through the opened sliding doors and around the corner behind it. There you will find the crowbar that you need to open that lock on the weapon chamber.

Go back and be sure to crouch again the last part where the combines could see you through the windows of that small office. Once you have broken the lock, go inside and take all weapons and ammo that you can take. Kill everything around you and when you need some health than you can find a health charger inside that small office with the windows. Now you can go back to where you had to hide for the combines that did come through that door. This one can now be opened by you and at the end you find an elevator. Use this one to go even further in the satellites inside. You come in a new part, fight you way through it, and use the stairs to get to the lower level, here you can find a crate with extra health in a corner, and in front of you there is a small elevator of some sort that brings you to the big door at the far side.

Here starts a hard part with lots of battles between you and the combines. When you have killed them all in the main hall you can press a button in a corner that will lower a ladder.

When you lower this ladder with the button, be aware of the attacking combines behind you, go through the door that they came from. Go on until you come in a room with a small office at you right side where 2 combines will come running out from. Go in there and press the console, this will activate a system in front of you that gives a suit and health to you.

Take it and go back in to the main hall, go now up the ladder that you lowered before. Walk around to the doors at the opposite side where combines came out from. This will bring you to a higher level where you can jump on small railings that will bring you to the other side where 2 combines fire at you after a door is opened in front of them.

Once you have reached that place where they stood you can go through a door and behind it up a stairs to a higher level. In a small room at you right there are 3 combines, behind one of the installations in that room you can find extra ammo (Easter egg). Behind you there are more combines on some kind of catwalk. After you have killed them you see 3 elevators going up and down above you.

Jump on a big, brown metal pipe that gives excess to the elevators. Jump on the most left elevator and let it take you to the top. At the top of the first pipe you find extra ammo in a small opening, Easter egg. When it reaches its highest point, than jump of it on the thing where it is attached to and from there you can jump towards the hole above the middle elevator. From there you walk to the end of this level.