WALKTHROUGH Leon's " From Coastline to Atmosphere " .


By Leon Brinkmann

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Map 1;

Beneath the red wooden beach house you find a ladder that leads you around the fence with gate on the beach.


Map 2;

After you have found the jeep in the garage, walk outside again and go to the place shown on screen above, through here you find you're way to the jeep.


Map 3;

Break the wooden fences in the white house,

and drive the jeep up the ramp behind it.


Map 4;

To find the Keycard that you need later on, walk up these wooden stairs and go through all the buildings all the way back, where you find the Keycard in a small office at the end.

Press the button that is shown on the top catwalk on the right side of the screen.

Here is the second Keycard to be found.

To lower the elevator for the jeep to go up, press the button that is on the left side of the elevator, attached to the wall, (see screen above).


Map 5;

The button that opens the gate can be found here at the side of the red wooden house above the cave.

Break the blue wooden fence to get through.


Map 6;

The button that lowers the elevator can be found in a corner of the small office that is beside the elevator.

To get through you have to crouch in the narrow space shown in the centre on the screen above.


Map 7;

To be able to kill the sniper, you have to pick up the rocket launcher that can be found near the small wooden building in the corner of the cave.

Stay in this place and shoot all head crabs until there are all dead.


Map 8;

Press on the button in this open console to disrupt the electrical system.


Map 9;

Wait until you see both combines standing at the end, behind them at the right side is a door that you have to go through.


Map 10;

Wait until the patrolling combine is out of site, than crouch and walk in the same direction as he did. Be sure to keep crouching at the left side of the hallway, so the 3 combines can't see you through the office windows. Go around the corner and through the first opening on your left, keep on crouching.

Around the corner you find on your left side a room, with these blue barrels as shown on the screen above. Crouch behind them and stay there until ALL the combines are out of site. Stand up and go through the opened sliding door in front of you to find the crowbar. Crouch all the way back to the weapon chamber.


Map 11;

Run through the flames towards the gate with the combines in front of it, just before the gate you find a small space at the right site. Hide there, and use the valve that can be found there to kill the fire. Then kill all combines, and then use the small red button to open the gate.

After you have tried to activate the console that is in front of the huge generator, to activate the blue lasers, walk back and crouch through this narrow space down in to a hole where you can find a plug.

You need to find your gravgun to pick up the plug. Go back up again and you will be attacked by some combines that have opened a door in front of you. Go through this door and through the opening in the floor. After you have found your gravity gun, go back to plug and stick it in the wall. Than activate the huge generator, and to get down go once more through that hole in the ground that is shown above.


Map 12;

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Map 13;

To get across, look for a opening in the floor in front of the glass wall shown on the screen above on the right side.


Map 14;

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Map 15;

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