WALKTHROUGH Leon's " From Coastline to Atmosphere " .

By Leon Stephan Brinkmann ‘SPY’

Map Pack released date: 28 - 05 - 2006
Mod Conversion release date: ?

Leon Brinkmann (SPY)


In the map pack you will get the Jeep and Boat to drive yourself around, it could happen that these flip over and stay on there side or back. To get them back in there normal position you have to fire at them with your gravity gun, by doing so you will see that they behave like if you have given them a big push.

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Map 1;
(filename; leonHL2-2.bsp)

Map 2;
(filename; leonHL2-2b.bsp)

Map 3;
(filename; leonHL2-2c.bsp)

Map 4;
(filename; leonHL2-2d.bsp)

Map 5;
(filename; leonHL2-2da.bsp)

Map 6;
(filename; leonHL2-2e.bsp)

Map 7;
(filename; leonHL2-2f.bsp)

Map 8;
(filename; leonHL2-2g.bsp)

Map 9;
(filename; leonHL2-2h.bsp)

Map 10;
(filename; leonHL2-2i.bsp)

Map 11;
(filename; leonHL2-2j.bsp)

Map 12;
(filename; leonHL2-2k.bsp)

Map 13;
(filename; leonHL2-2l.bsp)

Map 14;
(filename; leonHL2-2m.bsp)

Map 15;
(filename; final_credits.bsp)